We offer an alternative way for you to let your property with no hassle to you, making your investment a totally hands free experience.

We simply rent properties from landlords instantly with extra benefits including:
  • We tenant the property and deal with all tenant issues.
  • We pay you 12 monthly payments per year covering any void periods.
  • We cover any basic maintenance costs, unless it's structural.
  • We will not get in touch with you for any problems unless there is a serious need to.
  • We may even carry out basic decoration in a neutral style if needed and agreed to by you.
In essence we will completely run the property for you, take care of everything and pay you rent every single month (tenanted or not) for an agreed amount of time, normally around 3 to 5 years. We are here to help take away all the work and effort from your investment so you can just purely enjoy the financial benefits and focus on whatever else you would like to in life.

How It Works

So if you like the idea of a hassle free investment and having a professional company take care of it all for you then we will simply rent the property from you and would effectively become your tenant, a professional company that thrive on providing great accommodation and a stress free living experience for its tenants and that would be really all you need to know as far as your involvement is concerned.

However once we do have the keys, we will make sure the property is in good order, clean and tidy and presentable, tenant the property, conducting all referencing, placing deposits into a secure scheme, advanced rents etc. Then begin to manage the property to a high standard.

We will conduct regular checks to make sure the property is kept in tip top condition and complying to all safety standards.

We will pay the rent to you every single month for an agreed term, normally around 3-5 years eliminating any void periods where the property is not tenanted.


We will vet the right tenants for the property, looking for people that will get along together thus creating a happy household that will take care of your property.

We will deal with any issues they have, be it maintenance, council issues and anything else unless of course it is required that the property owner is needed, but we will do all we can to keep your life a quiet one.

We have a dedicated 24/7 phone line that our tenants can call meaning that we can react fast to any issues that may arise.


We will take care of all the maintenance, and we mean getting it fixed as well as paying for it up to 500, so that should basically cover everything to keep the property in good running order, the only things it may not cover is a new boiler or anything seriously wrong with it, any particularly larger jobs such as needing a new shower for example or if it is a structural issue.

Should any items need replacing, we will replace with identical items as best as we can or better.


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